Flea market Shenanigans : His & Hers

Hey fam,

it's Oly and Yossi here. We thought it's been a while since we popped here, on the Knot To Self Journal, and had a good ol' chat with y'all.

Yesterday, just as every second Sunday of the month, we spent on the Rose Bowl Flea Market - one of our favorite places in LA area (Pasadena, to be exact) to dive into the weekend vibes, dig dusty piles of heritage and leave with some great vintage treasures. 

Traditionally, we've invited y'all to join our Flea Market Shenanigans via our Instagram, but we also thought to document our current style choices and give you a special glimpse into how we roll with dust, California sun and everyday casualness. Here we go:

Flea Market Shenanigans :

His / Hers Style Choice

Knot To Self | Flea Market Shenanigans | Style - His

His : 

- 'The Musical Knots' t-shirt
- vintage plaid shirt
- The 'Esh' Pin 
- The 'Knot Your Business' 5 Panel hat
- Beard Brand Tree Ranger Beard Oil 
- vintage brown leather boots 

Knot To Self Flea Market Shenanigans | Hers | Style Choice


- The 'Forget Me Knot' T-shirt (Oly's current favorite)
- wool hat
- macrame tote accompanied by b/w bandana and 'We run to the places we ran from' Pin (check out the ACC bundle option as well)
- budget-friendly version of Birkenstock

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Stay bold, fam!

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