Who we are

Oly & Yossi Shamrik, newly married,  chasing slow happiness & fast dreams in LA. Oly is a stylist, multilingual creative blogger, hand embroidery artist, bad networker, great photographer, simple living addict, nature lover that hates camping and a multitasking wifey. (www.tlvbirdie.com). Yossi is a graphic lover, pixel hugger, legal alien, real time renderer (wannabe), life director, 3 dimensional husband, 4 dimensional human, made his made up fortune out of poetry.  (www.tabooplus.com)  'Knot to self' is our new baby born (we practice towards the real thing).

✖ Aesthetics, Visual language & Vision 

We were born in the 80's but defined ourselves in the 90's. We grew up on street culture, skateboards, independent music and street art but at some point we grew out of street wear. We searched for an alternative, something original that could fit our style but couldn't find anything for us. So we designed our own! We made this brand for ourselves. We wanted to create raw and dominant yet elegant rings, rings that can be seen and felt, not just finger decorations, but statements! Massive and well designed. Finally! Men rings that women love to wear. Our second goal was to create rings that are kind of like family rings, rings that stand out, so that people will know that you are a part of the ‘Knot to self’ family. 'Knot to self' is for the older and wiser youngsters, original bold souls, ex-skaters, bearded gents, inked dames and urban dreamers. Yes, our knees are not what they used to be, so we don't skate very often, but the culture still runs in our veins. Yes, we grew up, we got married, we'll have kids soon but it doesn't mean that we have to adopt a boring lifestyle.  

Sometimes it feels like this life is for professionals only. For those who know how to use their elbows and push, for those who manipulate their way into fame and power. We are (K)not pushers, we are (K)not aggressive, we are (K)not mediocre. We are gentlemen, and we need to take the world back with kindness, respect, wisdom and elegance. At the end of the day, its us against the mirror, against what we think of ourselves.

‘Knot to self’ is a take on 'Note to self', its a life and death reminder to yourself. The knot / the noose is here to remind you where your passion is and how life without it is just a horizontal fall. A continuous, slow death that lasts approximately 80 years. Yes, the economy is bad, and in most cases it feels like the need to provide for your family is stronger than the need to satisfy your passion and chase your dreams. But if passion is a luxury, life might end up being a pile of meaningless moments and it doesn't matter if your dream is to become  a NASA rockstar or to raise your kids right. Either way, be a proud parent to your dreams too.

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