The Gentleman's Oath (Framed statement / covenant)

There is art to proper human behavior. Basic respect to those who surround you. People, animals, planet earth. It effects your lingo, intonation, body language. It's how you carry yourself.

We took it upon ourselves to put this unwritten code in writing. 

"I will not use my elbows (physically & metaphorically) to push or manipulate my way into fame, fortune or power. I will not be aggressive, i will not be mediocre. I AM A GENTLEMAN, and i will take the world back with kindness, respect, wisdom and elegance."  
Do you feel like good people are being pushed away? Like the media idolizes and make shallow people famous? Like being famous considered more successful than being a good parent? Like it's not cool to be polite? 
Like the kids of this generation don't respect their teachers? parents? elders? Like money rules / ruins everything around you? 

If you know a gent, have him sign this and hang it proudly at his home, business, studio. If you look at this covenant  as goals & ideals, then hang it within sight and memorize it till you're ready to sign it.
We need to multiply. This is not "fight club", this is The Gentleman's Oath, we do do talk about it.

***Framed and ready to hang. Comes with a blank space for your signature (9.5"X12")

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