'Loop' Ring / Grey Steel (Available now for Pre-Order).

In order to break the loop, you need to remember it exists.
Life is made out of loops. Some are short, some longer. The length is what defines them, they're measured by the gaps between beginning and beginning. The gap between 2 true smiles. The gap between morning and morning. This ring will remind you of loops and keep you conscious, so that you won't sleep through life and won't let life push you around. It'll remind you to push back. You can't change time, but you can change your experience of it, you can make it elastic. 

Material : Textured Grey steel.

Important note : The 'Loop' Ring will be available in a limited batch. If you place your order between August 08 - August 19, it'll be shipped by September 07.

Designed and Made in the USA

Every Finger Statement comes in a custom wooden box, perfect for storage.


All of our rings come in sizes 7-13, including half sizes.

Please take the time to check your exact ring size at a local Jewelry shop before placing your order. 


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